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Professional Qualifications
Real Estate Litigation
Mortgage Foreclosure
Corporate Transactions
Real Estate Transactions

Firm Profile

Daniel R. Wotman & Associates, LLC practices general civil and commercial litigation and corporate and real estate transactions, with special expertise in the following areas:

Mr. Wotman has been responsible for successful representation on behalf of:

  •      Mobil Oil Corporation

  •      GAF Corporation

  •      United States Trust Company of New York

  •      Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

  •      The Money Store of New York

  •      The United States Small Business Administration

  •      The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

  •      Chartwell Realty Partners

  •      Unity Capital Corporation

  •      Donovan "Razor" Ruddock

Daniel Wotman, the founder and senior partner of the firm, is highly regarded for his wisdom and understanding of the law and the justice system. The firm strives to achieve justice in every case its handles. Mr. Wotman has conducted numerous successful jury and bench trials and hearings during his 22 years as an attorney and is concerned about the welfare of the clients he represents and the greater good of the community. Mr. Wotman has negotiated and closed numerous corporate, securities and real estate transactions on behalf of major United States and foreign corporations.


Recent Events

Mr. Wotman was a lawyer volunteer of Trial Lawyers Care, Inc. where he provided free legal representation to a family of a deceased victim caused by the events of September 11th seeking an award from the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund.


Mr. Wotman recently won a $5,106,491 verdict, including $3,000,000 in punitive damages, plus prejudgment interest, amounting to approximately an $8,000,000 judgment, from a Manhattan jury in a legal malpractice case where an attorney and his clients defrauded Mr. Wotman's client out of her rightful share of a family owned real estate company. The Verdict was recently reported in The New York Jury Verdict Reporter: Wotman Firm Wins $5,106,491 Legal Malpractice Award



Significant Cases


Donna Lee Williams, Insurance Commissioner of The State of Delaware v. LPDA Acquisition Corp., et al.,

United States District Court for the Southern District of New York


Mr. Wotman represented for the past 5 years a Federal Receiver over National Heritage Life Insurance Company, in liquidation, appointed by United States District Court Judge Barrington D. Parker (now United States Second Circuit Judge). Mr. Wotman recovered through a number of federal and state court civil litigations millions of dollars in stolen assets from Sholam Weiss and his cohorts who are disgraced members of the Hassidic Satmar Religious Sect of Borough Park, Brooklyn. Mr. Weiss stole over $450 million dollars from National Heritage Life through various “mind numbing” schemes including falsified real estate appraisals, leases and mortgages. National Heritage had issued life insurance policies to over 30,000 residents of the State of Florida and is now in liquidation by Delaware State Regulators. National Heritage was the nation's largest ever insurance fraud according to the New York Daily News. Mr. Weiss was ultimately convicted and sentenced by the United States District Court in Orlando, Florida to 180 years in a federal penitentiary, the longest white collar sentence ever imposed in the history of the United States. The case was the subject of a segment piece on CBS’s "Sixty Minutes" and various articles in The New York Times.


North Shore Towers Shareholders Association v. Three Tower Associates,

United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York


Mr. Wotman represented the North Shore Towers Shareholders Association in its successful battle to gain voting control  over the Board of Directors of North Shore Towers Cooperative Corporation from its sponsor Edgar Bronfman. The case was featured in Newsday. North Shore Towers is the largest residential cooperative housing corporation in the United States located on the Grand Central Parkway in Queens, New York with $35 million dollars per year in gross revenues.


Peabody International Corporation v. Victor Posner, et. al.,

United States District Court for the District of Connecticut

reported in The Wall Street Journal, September 25, 1985, at page 1, column 2


Mr. Wotman had primary responsibility for all aspects of the successful defense of the take over battle waged by Victor Posner in connection with $150,000,000 merger of Peabody International into The Pullman Company, a subsidiary of Allied Signal wherein Mr. Posner of Sharon Steel unsuccessfully attempted to bribe the chairman of The Pullman Company to call off the merger with Peabody International.


Mr. Wotman also was a member of the successful team that conducted the proxy contest on behalf of Samuel Heyman for control over the Board of Directors of GAF Corporation. See Samuel J. Heyman v. GAF Corporation, et. al., United States District Court for the Southern District of New York; reported in The New York Times, February 28, 1983, at page 2, column 5, Section D.



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1010 Northern Boulevard, Suite 208, Great Neck, New York 11021


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